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Selkirk Merchant Company AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Selkirk Merchant Company was held on Friday 4th March, 2005 in the Philiphaugh Suite, Selkirk RFC, Philiphaugh, Selkirk.
There was a large turnout of Members present and Master of the Merchant Company, Jim Marshall was in the chair.

The Office Bearers appointed were:
Ian Inglis Master
George Thomson, Secretary
Ewan Rintoul, Treasurer
Neil Bunyan, Company Officer.

Robert Murray, Mavis Bank, Selkirk was appointed the Selkirk Merchant Company Standard Bearer, 2005.

The Company is to continue their Donations to the following:
(a) Schools £ 1500
(b) Common Riding Trust £ 50
(c) Grants to bands £ 350
(d) Scott's Selkirk £ 100

The following new Members were admitted to the Company: Sheriff Kevin Drummond
Brian Clarkson

The Members appointed to the Committee were Ewan McDougall & Ian Burke.

Following the Annual General Meeting the Company held its Annual Dinner in the Philiphaugh Suite with new Company Master Ian Inglis in the Chair.
During his Chairman's Remarks, Master Inglis urged the Membership to fully support as many Company functions as possible, thus allowing the Company to maintain its position of excellence within the town.

The Toast to the Standard Bearer was ably proposed by Lindsay Henderson, father-in-law of the Standard Bearer..
The Company Standard Bearer for 2005, Bobby Murray replied with a speech of true respect and honour for the position to which he had been appointed.
He also thanked the Company for permitting him to achieve his dearest wish by inviting him to be Selkirk Merchant Company Standard Bearer.

The important Toast of Selkirk Merchant Company and Town & Trade was expertly proposed by David Poole, Langholm with a well researched and competent appraisal of the history and traditions of the Company and of Langholm's strong links with the Royal Burgh.
David was warmly thanked for his very able and informative address by Company Master Ian Inglis and Honorary Provost Chalmers Stillie suitably replied with a speech of feeling for the traditions of Selkirk, the Common Riding and the unique position held by Selkirk Merchant Company.

During the evening the Members were ably entertained by Allan Marshall, Jim Marshall, accompanied by Ian Wilkie
The official part of the evening was concluded by Ian Burke who gave a very pertinent Vote of Thanks.

Ian Inglis

Newly appointed Master

Ian Inglis

The Officials

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Date: 07/03/2005

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