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Satin Blue Paperweight
By James Brown

Discover the magic of traditionally crafted glass

From the fiery heat of molten glass, creative craftsmen conjure the magical designs which have become the hallmark of Selkirk Glass. Using traditional skills and techniques, adapted for use on the modern and abstract designs, each paperweight is completely handmade and unique, with no two ever exactly the same.

Peter Homes and Ron Hutchison established Selkirk Glass in 1977, since then Selkirk Glass has built up an international renown amongst discerning collectors for its timeless miracles in glass.

Peter Holmes
Peter Holmes (Enlarge)

Through his own inventiveness, imagination and ability to freely manipulate the hot glass, the abstract paperweight as we know it today was first created by Peter Holmes in 1965. Peter has continued to develop and master the skills required to craft the superb pieces which are the hallmark of Selkirk Glass.

He has trained a small, enthusiastic team of like minded paperweight artists, and his Selkirk Glass paperwieghts are represented in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Musée de Vere in Blgium, the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow Museum, Broadfield House Museum of Glass and Bergstrom Mahler Museum.

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